Microsoft Teams is considered to be one of the largest UCaaS platforms used worldwide, but what does it mean to integrate it with other applications and unified communications carriers?

What are Microsoft Teams integrations?

You can think of integrations for Teams as apps used with Microsoft Teams. Teams has an app store built-in for you to access and download the integrations you need to improve your experience and get the most out of Teams.

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we work. Across all industries, remote work has started to become the norm for employees everywhere. Microsoft Teams capability offers companies the opportunity to communicate with their employees and clients from anywhere. The integration of Teams for UCaaS companies promotes a win-win situation: the delivery of Teams capability when needed and a traditional phone experience elsewhere, while maintaining the power of the UCaaS platform.

Text, email, messaging, video — Teams integrations allow you to communicate the way you want. Flexibility in communications methods increase productivity and more ways to reach your customers, clients, and audience. As a UCaaS platform provider, Teams gives you the opportunity to integrate with messaging, calling, and meeting solutions within the Teams platform.

How can Microsoft Teams improve the way I work?

Microsoft Teams promotes a “work from anywhere” model, allowing you the freedom to work remotely. This is especially important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more and more people choosing to work from home. You want to make sure you are constantly keeping up with the changing technologies and utilizing Microsoft Teams is a great way to do that. With Teams chat, you can talk with your entire team, a specific group, or chat one-on-one with someone in particular. You even have the ability to start a video or voice call instantly.

With the Teams app installed on your cell phone, you have the convenience of accessing anything you need from anywhere at any moment. Whether or not you are at work, you can easily access anything you might need instantly.

Microsoft Teams is an amazing UCaaS integration that has made the modern-day workplace more flexible, increasing productivity and the way we work.

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