The ERC Energy Sustainability Division provides energy-saving solutions for companies working towards meeting state, local, and company energy sustainability regulations. Services ERC provides to assist companies to meet their sustainability goals:

  • Brand sustainability reporting for hospitality clients
  • Environmental, social, and governance goals (ESG)
  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking and certificate assistance
  • Required local mandate assistance
  • Carbon asset recovery
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon reporting
  • Energy site survey auditing
  • Rebates and incentives
  • EV charging stations
  • Community solar

Hotel Brand sustainability reporting: ERC’s energy sustainability team specializes in providing brand-specific sustainability reporting for our hospitality clients. Some of these reporting categories include Marriott MESH, Hilton Lightstay, Hyatt Ecotrack and IHG Green Engage. The electric, natural gas, and water consumption costs are monitored and uploaded to the necessary platforms.

Environmental, social, and governance goals (ESG): Our energy sustainability experts will help your team strategize and assist with projects to help reduce your annual energy consumption, helping your company help your company work towards a greener future.

ENERGY STAR benchmarking & certificate assistance: Our dedicated energy professionals will enter or upload your energy usage through the Energy Cap software, allowing your company to successfully manage and meet any mandatory or voluntary benchmarking. To obtain an ENERGY STAR certification, a facility must earn an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher on the EPA’s scale of 1 – 100. ERC has working relationships with certified energy auditors and licensed professional engineers that can submit the application for certification.

Required local mandate assistance: There are many different local laws and incentives throughout each state in the country to encourage individuals and companies to take advantage of alternative energy solutions, electric vehicles, and strategies to decrease carbon emissions from facilities. Examples of these required local mandates are NYC Local Law 84, Boston’s BERDO, and Philadelphia’s Building Tune-up.

Carbon asset recovery: Our energy sustainability team is glad to provide validation reporting and secure carbon offsets at no cost to our clients. With new environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics being required by customers and regulatory agencies, our valued partners can provide the highest-quality carbon assets verified by technology and certified energy engineers.

Greenhouse gas and carbon reporting: Using Energy Cap, our experts will assist your team with monitoring and reporting carbon and greenhouse gas emissions associated with your utilities. We also partner with trusted and reliable vendors that can provide you with carbon credit reporting.

Energy site survey auditing: Comparable to Level 1 ASHRAE audits, ERC’s energy site survey audits on-site walkthrough, energy data collection, and on-site interviews with staff. The Level 1 ASHRAE audit is used to determine opportunities to reduce energy consumption, identify any issues with energy consumption or equipment, potential changes in lighting, water, building, and more. This audit also provides cost saving opportunities through upgrades or changes in user behavior. We also offer a more in-depth Level 2 ASHRAE audit. Our team will analyze your facility’s finances and any potential improvements.

Rebates & incentives: As an ERC energy customer, our team will keep you up to date on any potential rebate and incentive opportunities that are available. ERC  assists with the paperwork associated with any upgrades. We help implement and work with our trusted vendors to ensure you receive the appropriate rebates.

EV charging stations: ERC works closely with many electric vehicles charging station vendors. We create a seamless process where we help determine what your EV charging needs, from the beginning until implementation and beyond. With the right information in hand (number of chargers, type of chargers, electric infrastructure, etc.), we act on your behalf to get the best EV charging options available.

Community solar: Our team will identify geographic areas of opportunity. Then, work with numerous developers and aggregators to develop proposals for your organization. Proposals are reviewed for accuracy, along with billing once your company enrolls. Typical savings are 10 – 15% off current billings.

Interested in learning more about ERC’s sustainability team or any of the other services we provide? Contact us today — we are looking forward to assisting your company!

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