When many of us stopped commuting to work each day, our data had to start making a difficult commute instead. Internet access at home is different from in the office. Data in the office had a simple route to the ISP network, however data from home has a difficult route.

Dropped calls, conferences, and meetings started to happen regularly. When covering more ground through neighborhood cable, signals can be damaged as they make their way through devices and junctions between the home and the ISP’s connection to the internet.

 What Happens When Multiple Households are Using the Same Internet Package

Neighbors are often sharing internet. Whether working from home or children streaming video games. With a 100Mbps residential internet package, individuals are not getting a loyal 100Mbps pathway all the way through their ISP’s network. Most of the times, home internet has much less upload speed than download speed.

What if you upgraded to a symmetrical 100/100Mbps fiber line?

Fiber may not be the answer. Even some businesses using fiber can still experience over an hour of downtime each month. If you do not first determine for sure if traffic performance between your home and the ISP is the root cause, you could be buying a solution that will not work.

Overall, throwing more money and bandwidth at the problem comes with no guarantee!

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