Cloud-based solutions are designed to create a faster, more efficient workspace. With companies spanning all industries having adopted cloud computing in recent years, these solutions can be customized and tailored to fit the needs of any business. These are the top cloud solutions and how they are transforming organizations for the better.

Remote and hybrid work enablement: With remote and hybrid work becoming such an integral part of the operation of so many businesses over the past two years, companies are gaining access to a larger pool of highly skilled employees while reducing costs and improving agent retention.
Having high-speed Internet and a cloud-based contact center solution allows employees to support clients from any where

In addition to contact centers, here are more key advantages of having a phone system within the cloud: video conferencing. collaboration, mobile app and Integration with CRMs

Disaster Recovery: Disaster recovery refers to the procedures, policies, and tools used to recover vital technology and data that was lost following a natural or human-induced disaster. Because disasters cannot always be predicted, having a strong disaster recovery plan in place is essential for any organization. Many small businesses never reopen following a disaster, and some companies go bankrupt after prolonged data loss. When you have a strong disaster recovery plan ready to be deployed, your chances of recovering from a disaster can dramatically increase.

Circuit Monitoring: Circuit monitoring is a great way to analyze and measure how circuits are performing. With these systems, circuits will be monitored and tested regularly to ensure quality performance. With sensors that determine whether a circuit is up or down, traceroute tests that provide circuit performance metrics, notifications that immediately alert you of any changes, and reporting that shows current statuses, circuit monitoring systems are efficient and resourceful.

IoT: IoT, or the Internet of Things, has revolutionized modern technology. No matter what industry you specialize in, IoT devices can streamline and simplify your work. The Internet of Things has the potential to reach every person on the planet at one point or another. With IoT devices that enable telehealth, remote chronic disease treatment, remote patient monitoring systems, reduce risk of burnout for hospital staff, and inventory tracking. IoT has had a significant impact in the healthcare space.

SD-WAN Devices:SD-WAN, or software defined networking in a wide-area network, increases network agility and reduces costs. It reinvents the traditional WAN using the power of virtualization. Key advantages of SD-WAN:

  • Improves performance by prioritizing the most important traffic and real-time services.
  • Takes pressure off the IT team and monitors tasks to ensure your network is performing correctly.
  • Improves cloud application performance and enables direct cloud access, allowing employees to work efficiently.
  • Built-in security features that are crucial to your company’s security.
  • Reduces costs by leveraging low-cost internet access, providing cloud access, and reducing traffic.

Cybersecurity: With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly difficult to detect, cybersecurity protection methods are vital to any company’s operation. Without any cybersecurity protection, companies could lose data that could be detrimental to their operation. Cybersecurity insurance, staff training, and third-party vendor management of cybersecurity are some of the ways you can keep your organization protected

No matter what industry you work in or the size of your company, cloud solutions can be a huge asset for you. Contact us today to learn more about the cloud solutions we offer. We are here to help you determine which solutions would be the best fit for your business!

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