As a nationwide utility and telecommunications management and consulting firm, the Eric Ryan Corporation (ERC) is dedicated to helping businesses reduce expenses and time. Our staffs of utility experts are here to provide you with a suite of services that include:

  • Utility Bill Review, Rate Analysis, and Contract Review
  • Utility Account Management, Bill Payment, and Reporting Services
  • Energy Expense Management Software
  • Energy Procurement Services
  • Supplier Energy Incentive Programs
  • Contract Storage and Management
  • Sustainability: Energy Site Survey/Efficiency Analysis, EV Charging, Rebates/Incentives, and other Energy Services

Utility Bill Management: There are two primary options for bill management services:

The first option: The billing addresses are changed to directly come to ERC. Once the bills are received from the client, the data is entered into the ERC system, and they are audited. The bills with an AP file are returned to the client within 48 working hours to pay themselves, or through the optional ERC bill payment program.

The second option: After the client pays the bills, they are sent to ERC to audit.

Utility Bill Auditing: ERC reviews the utility accounts for errors, refunds, credits, and any future savings on the preceding 12 monthly bills and contracts. Our experienced auditors enter each account into our system to determine the billings are correct and ensure that the client has the best rates and services available.

Energy Procurement: ERC’s energy procurement process includes a competitive bidding process for the client’s natural gas and electric commodities. ERC evaluates the accounts to ensure the client receives the best supply rate or stays on tariff. ERC works with the suppliers and monitors the bills to guarantee accuracy. We will continue to monitor market trends and make recommendations to provide any further savings before a contract expiration or automatic renewal.

Energy Sustainability Services: ERC’s Energy Sustainability department works to provide energy-saving solutions for your company as you continue working towards meeting state, local, and company energy sustainability regulations. The ERC sustainability team assists in developing beneficial energy conservation plans to reduce your carbon footprint. The ERC energy sustainability division provides a variety of services, such as:

  • Brand sustainability reporting for hospitality clients:
  • Marriott MESH, Hilton Lightstay, Hyatt Ecotrack and IHG Green Engage
  • Environmental, social, and governance goals (ESG)
  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking and certificate assistance
  • Required local mandate assistance
  • Carbon asset recovery
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon reporting
  • Energy site survey audits
  • Energy-related upgrades
  • Rebates and incentives
  • EV charging stations
  • Community solar
  • Bill Payment: The Eric Ryan Corporation provides a utility bill payment service. Once ERC audits the utility and telecom bills through the bill management services and approved for payment, and the bills are paid through multi-channels (card, ACH, wire, check) through a flexible, supplier-friendly payment solution. The bill pay service provides organization and payment of bills in one place, saving costs and time of processing payments while avoiding late fees and reducing fraud.

Contract Storage and Management: The Eric Ryan Corporation provides contract management and storage for all types of contracts. Examples of the types of contracts serviced:

  • Utility Services: electric supply, electric demand, gas supply, trash.
  • Telecom Services: long distance, cellular, Internet, security
  • Elevator, lawn services, office supplies, copier, computers, software.
  • Exclusivity agreements, NDA, legal documents, and permits.

ERC enters all contracts into the software program. Clients are set up for access to view all contracts through the software portal. A monthly inventory reporting is provided from extracted data on the contracted services. ERC notifies the client of contracts expiring, or auto-renewing, 3 months prior to any required notifications of termination and the procuring of new contracts.

Interested in learning more about the services ERC can provide?  Contact us today — we are looking forward to assisting your company!   PH: 1-800-837-6406 or 724-752-8900